Marianela Peña

Since her childhood in Venezuela, Marianela Peña has carried with her the roots of a land full of colour and unique flavours.

Her father, affectionately known as "El Químico", was a spice seller in different markets around the world.

Marianela's interest in combining colours and stones developed during weekends spent helping her father create blends. This experience planted the seed for what would become her passion and vocation: the creation of unique jewellery.

Together with her sister Tibisay Tobler Peña, a passionate jeweller, Marianela began a journey in designing and specialising in pearls of various qualities. From Mallorca and Switzerland, they infuse creativity and diversity into their creations, inspired by travels, exhibitions and experiences gained in different markets.

Marianela Peña's biography is a love story of craftsmanship, creativity and timeless beauty expressed through Nelissima jewellery. Her dedication to creating unique pieces reflects the fusion of her Venezuelan roots and her connection to Mallorca, creating jewellery that conveys unforgettable emotions and tells stories of timeless elegance. Marianela's passion for jewellery goes beyond fashion.