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Step into the fascinating world of Nelissima, the jewelry brand that captures the essence of timeless elegance. Founded by Marianela Peña, Nelissima is more than just a store; it's an expression of her passion for crafting exceptional jewelry. Each piece is meticulously designed to reflect the unique beauty of Mallorca island, blending exquisite craftsmanship with inspiration from the sea and Swiss mountains. Marianela Peña, with her vision and dedication, has turned Nelissima into a destination where creativity and elegance converge, offering jewelry that tells stories and conveys unforgettable emotions.


Hotel Punta Negra Mallorca Jewelry

Lights, Camera, Jewelry!

Marianela Peña, the alma mater behind Nelissima, is more
than just a passionate jewelry entrepreneur; she is a visionary dedicated to merging art and elegance in every creation.


As in all families, Nelissima is nurtured by solid values and
roots, rooted in the unique fusion of Mallorca and Swiss inspiration. These
values are more than a reminder of our beginnings; they are the foundation that
underpins every creation, every jewel that comes to life in our workshop and
our philosophy with the environment, the customer and the love of jewellery.

Just as a plant blossoms from its roots, our creations grow
from a deep connection to craftsmanship, nature and timeless elegance.

Nelissima:Beyond Jewelry - Roots and Values

Embark on a journey through Nelissima's essence in our
upcoming article, unveiling the roots that nurture our creations.


After successful years selling jewelry in renowned stores and
five-star hotels, they decided to open the doors of Nelissima to new customers
who have not yet had the opportunity to visit their exhibitions on the island
of Mallorca and Zurich. Nelissima's vision is clear: to offer unique jewelry that
not only adorns but also tells stories and conveys unforgettable emotions.